Digital Realty – Fountain Court

This large facility run by Digital Realty is the only large data centre in the Borough of Kingston upon Thames (click here to open in Google maps).

Built in 1996, the building is a large single storey warehouse with a four storey office in front of it. In 2008 a planning application was made to add a mezzanine level to the warehouse and turn the building into a data centre, which opened in 2012.

Now this building has many of the aesthetic tells of a data centre, with its grey color, high levels of security (concentric fences), electric substation visible from the street and large number of cooling unit visible from the aerial view (see below).

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.48.57 PM

Unusually, but like its sister facility in Croydon, this building has the data centres operators logo and name clearly displayed on the exterior. Apart from the Digital Realty facilities the only other time I have seen this at is Global Switch’s huge data centre in the Docklands.












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