Digital Realty – Croydon

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.16.04 PMThis large data centre in Croydon is run by the world’s largest full scale data center provider, Digital Realty – unusually the company’s logo is displayed proudly on the exterior of the building. 

The building, a grey warehouse with green flash, looks extremely similar to the InfinityMorgan Stanley and Sunward AS data centres. The reason for this is that they were all built on spec by Prologis on Prologis business parks. The four sister data centres also look extremely similar to the numerous other Prologis buildings, but with tells that suggest they are data centres. High levels of visible security comparatively to other building’s on their respective parks being the most obvious.

Along with lots of cooling and electric equipment. This equipment seems to be placed in the bays intended for loading lorries in the design’s original use as a distribution warehouse.

Along with the usual high fences, this data centre has a pretty sturdy wall and even a moat (see below), although I’m not sure many people will believe that that is deep water.









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