Bloomberg – Greenwich View Place

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.07.51 PMBloomberg’s London data center is located on the private Greenwich View estate along side Millwall Dock.

The high-tech building, like the data centre next-door, was designed by Richard Seifert & Partners in 1988. Bloomberg moved into the building in 1994 and according to this planning document the building is entirely used as a data centre. part of an office development that now includes numerous data centers.

Built as office space in 1989, the business park is now almost entirely data centers. Along with Bloomberg and 7 Greenwich View PlaceCity Reach tower contains three data centers and a new facility called the Point is being constructed on the site.


The reflective building is clearly a data centre, with large amounts of visible cooling and electric equipment along side the building. However, all the data centers on this campus are notable for the low levels of security. The buildings are on a private estate, have camera’s, and entrance security, but are not surrounded by fences and so appear extremely open.








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