Sungard AS – Heathrow

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 18.55.59Situated on the blandly named Heathrow Corporate Park in a typical example of bland business park architecture is Sunward AS’ data centre – known as the London Technology Centre (LTC).

The data centre, which opened around 2000, is one of three large buildings on the site that all share the same aesthetic and were built as the same time. One of the other buildings is also a data centre for Bank Morgan Stanley.

Although the data centre is protected by a fence, with cameras, the most successful defence against prying eyes is its position at the rear of the business park on private property. I was asked to leave pretty swiftly after arriving.

The building itself is a pretty standard corporate architecture combined with some data centre aesthetics, such as security and the reflective windows.

Unusually, and in direct comparison to the data centre next door, the Sungard AS name is displayed on a small sign outside the building and on the business park layout map.





Around the side of the building the electricity generators and some cooling units were visible.






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