Not Data Centres

My data centre search so far has taken me to 16 London Boroughs on bus, train and tube as well as around walking 300 miles. I have taken approximately 2,000 photos of around 65 building. And while many of these buildings, discovered from desk research, have turned out to be data centres, some have not.

In many cases after walking the area and searching for the data centre I could not find any evidence of a data centre. In other cases I located the building and ascertained that it was no longer a data centre, never was, or in one case had not yet been built.

These cases further demonstrated the need to actually physically visit locations to determine whether these buildings are data centres or not.

Here are the data centre that are not, they are marked on the data centre map as crosses (X).

1. In Stratford I could not find Tata Communications, that was apparently located at 78-102 The Broadway, Stratford.


2. Interative data located in Shoreditch (above) used to be a data centre but has now been converted into an office
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 16.15.22

3. Prospect House. This data centre was mentioned online and the building was
shown in this video (above). However, when I visited a security guard told me that Telecity data centre moved out a couple of years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 16.14.37 4. Olivers Yard. Another data centre mentioned online in several places and in this video (above) was at Olivers Yard. The building was renovated by orms architects, when the data centre occupied two floors of the building. However, the architect informed me that Telecity vacated the building around 4 years ago.


5. Telephone House (above). Online reports suggested that Epsilon Global Hubs had a data centre in Telephone House. This is a building I used to work in, and was relatively sure that it was not a data centre.

However, I went back with new eyes to see if part of the building was a data centre. I was assured that it was not a data centre.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 16.35.17

6. Netwise Hosting London Central. This building in Southwark was referred to as a data centre online and the aerial view (above) had the traits of a data centre. However, when I visited this building had been developed into housing (see below).



7. Romford South. Infinity’s Romford South data centre is mentioned a lot online (visualisation above) including this page on Infinity’s website. I was fairly convinced the facility existed. However, after much searching physically and online, I concluded that it was yet to be built. Opposite Romford North is an empty site that looks primed for development, with power, fencing and entrances built. If built the data centre will occupy the area marked in red below.


8. Sampson house (below). Built in 1979 as a processing centre for Lloyds Bank, Sampson House is a brutalist office block that contained many floors of data centre. The building, most recently operated by IBM, is currently being redeveloped into offices.


9. Spacetell. Listed online as a data centre this building in Bowling Green Lane (see below) may have at some point held a computing company but there was no evidence that this was a data centre.


10. EconDC – West Drayton. According to the internet there is a data centre in Global House on Bentinck Lane in West Drayton. I walked the road and there was no signs of a data centre.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.24.37

11. Rewire DC. The address of this data centre is now a Premier Inn (see below). There were a large amount of fibre access covers outside the building suggesting that there once was a data centre on this site.




One thought on “Not Data Centres

  1. Sampson House did have datacenter facilities provided by IBM to other businesses in ‘The City’…obviously no longer.


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