Reuters Data Centre

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 17.17.46Unusually this high tech looking data centre was designed by an architect that most people will have heard of. It was completed in 1992 by the Richard Rogers Partnership and won a RIBA award in 1993.

Located on the banks of the River Thames (which would sure worry some clients if it was a colocation site) the facility is very near the Telehouse/ Global Switch East India Quay campus (click to see location in Google maps).


According to the RSH+P website the building was originally conceived as the first stage of a four building office development. However, the building was pre-let to Reuters who were moving out of their previous building in Clerkenwell, and the subsequent stages failed to happen.

More from the RSH+P website: “An interchangeable cladding system of solid and glazed panels reflects the flexibility of the interior. To maintain flexibility, lifts and staircases are concentrated in perimeter towers. Main plant is placed at roof level and services are distributed downwards through internal cores. Cranes are made into features and colour used to denote the various functions. Though essentially a ‘functional’ building – rigorous, economical and rational – constructed to a strict time schedule, Since the building opened, it has undergone a number of refits as both technology has changed and alternative uses are housed. The strength of the building is in its enduring ability to change to meet contemporary demands.”

The RSH+P website also contains a set of extremely high quality images of the building -much better than my amateur efforts.


The building merges a Rogers’ aesthetic – high-tech with external staircases and services, with that of a data centre – reflective glass, high levels of security and visible plant.









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