City Lifeline / Redcentric – Shoreditch

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 18.21.48Opened in 1993 this modernist looking data centre is situated on the fringe of the City of London in Shoreditch.

According to the company’s website the data centre’s location was determined by security factors: “This facility is as close to the central City of London as it is possible to be, whilst being 100 metres outside the London Exclusion Zone. In a London emergency, the site is not locked down and can be accessed without restriction. At 21 metres above river level, it is safe from flooding.”

As with all data centre, marketing it is hard to know whether this a real reason for the data centre locating in Shoreditch, or whether an available and cheaper property prices were the determining factors.


The site also states: “The data centre sits on “fibre alley”, from where the major carriers run fibre to all the London data centres, giving an exceptional range of carriers and very low latencies to other London locations.”

There is not much information available about the building online, but it looks to have been a 1960s office block, before it was converted.

Now it has many of the standard data centre tells. All of the windows are highly reflective – see my selfies in the building below.




The building is also pretty shabby looking, with a run down feel. It also has relatively high levels of security, a secure loading bay and entrance and very limited signage.







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