Easynet Brick Lane

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 08.21.57Standing on the corner of Brick Lane and Wentworth Street is six-storey white building, which houses one of Brick Lane’s three data centres.

The building was originally a garment factory run  by a company called Ellis & Goldstein. After they left in 1988 the building was empty fro over ten years – there is a great video of a free party that happened in the building in 1999 here.

In 2001 the building was converted into a data centre with the fifth floor housing the staff responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre and the remaining floors accommodating computer equipment.


The building is recognisable as a data centre by its tinted windows, low levels off foot traffic, security cameras, secure entrance, and secure loading bay. The absence of visible cooling and every units is explained by the roof, which is crammed full.

Although Easynet’s logo and branding is not visible the “1 Brick Lane” sign is new and maybe part of identifying the location and brand?

IMG_1514 copy

Security fence is visible through the windows in the image above (as am I #dataselfie).






One thought on “Easynet Brick Lane

  1. A couple of things – when Easynet converted it there were offices on the third, fourth and fifth floors, but the third was converted to data centre fairly early on. It never had Easynet branding because at the time they took it over they were being sued by Easyjet and were worried they might have to rebrand if the case went against them, then decided that the “1 brick lane” (never capitalised, because dotcom boom) brand was actually pretty strong on it’s own.

    By the time you took these pictures though big bad Sky had bought them out, nicked their network and most of their best people, and sold off the hollowed-out shell back to their management. It’s now a Sky building (http://www.workforsky.com/behind-the-scenes/delivering-brilliantly/join-us-brick-lane) although they still sell space on the ground and first floor to customers, including Easynet. About the only things left from the Easynet days are that 1 brick lane sign (in Easynet purple, Sky having purged all the rest of the purple from the building for their own blue branded colours), the turnstiles to get into the building, and that essential dotcom boom accessory a pool table, hidden away in the loading bay.

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