Level 3 – Goswell Road

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 20.01.27This huge data centre in Angel, central London, is situated in the former Gordon’s Gin distillery.

Gordon’s moved all distilling to the site in 1898 with this building constructed in 1957 – Gordon’s moved their production to Essex in 1984.

The building opened as a data centre in 2002, the planning application is here.


The street facing facade is a 150 metre long formal and repetitive, but handsome, brick facade, broken by large windows. The rear, however, in a St Pancreas style twin aesthetic looks completely different.


Although from the street this building may be hard to recognise as a data centre, although many of the usual tells are there, from the rear of the building it is very obvious that this is a data centre. The aesthetic is close to the aluminium clad new-builds in East India Dock, although in a much shabbier condition.

The twin faces of this data centre make it extremely interesting. While on the front the building is blending in, at the rear it is demonstrating is own aesthetic.











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