Volta – Clerkenwell

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 16.32.21Bang in the centre of Clerkenwell in a brown brick building that hundreds pass everyday without a second glance. It is a facility that advertises itself as the first data centre built in central London in 10 years.

At first glance, and from the front, this building looks like an office. However, on further inspection there are no windows on any of the facades except the front.

The building, originally a carpet warehouse, originally became a data centre in 1986, making it one of London’s oldest. Reuters operated the data centre for 20 years before the facility was taken over by BT and finally refurbished and reopened by Volta in 2013.


Unlike the majority of data centre conversions, this building was neither an office or a warehouse, so has its own unique aesthetic. However, it still has many of the visual qualities associated with retrofit data centres, including numerous louvres, reflective windows, security and round the back a huge loading bay.









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