Metro Point / Sovereign Data Connect

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 01.16.15

One of the most handsome data centres that I’ve encounter so far, Sovereign Data Connect is located in a converted 1960s office block.

The “outlier” data centre is away from London’s core groupings right at the fringe of London, opposite Cockfosters station right at the northern end of the Piccadilly Line. It is literally the last building before the green belt.

IMG_7140Unlike the majority of office conversion data centres this building, that was converted into a data centre in 2012 looks in very good condition. It is very clean and not scruffy at all.com1131-3831.jpg

In fact as part of the conversion Sovereign upgraded the exterior of the building both for thermal reasons and to “advance the visual appearance commensurate with a technology company“. And indeed the visual appearance has been improved by the refurb as the before picture (right) shows.

The data centre is located here as the technology company that occupied the top two floors of the building decided to take on the whole building and start running a colocation data centre.


The upper two stories remain office space and this is evident by the reflective windows on the lower three floors – data centre – and the normal windows on the upper two floors – office space.

One of the employees of the data centre told me that they offered a very personal, helpful service, which was one of the ways they competed with the larger data centres. He described these huge data centres as faceless, and it occurred to me that this is represented in the architecture. The smaller data centres each have character, while the large sheds do not, and it seems this is reflected in the way engineers and users are treated.

From Sovereign’s website:

“There is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about our Data Centre. Every solution we offer is tailored to fit your exact needs.”








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