Sentronex – Romford

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 14.12.27Of all the buildings I have visited on my tour so far, this is the building I spent the most time deliberating over whether it was a data centre or not.

From my internet research I believed that there was a data centre within this post code, and searching on google maps lead me to believe that it was in this building – mostly due to the amount of cooling units on the roof (click on aerial image to open in Google maps).

However, when I got to the building I immediately thought that I had made a mistake. IMG_7003

The anonymous office building looked to still be in use as an office building, with signage saying that Seetec (a training and employment services company) were located in the building, along with three other companies. Googling told me that none were data centre operators.


Although this building wasn’t screaming data centre at me the more I looked at walked around and looked it, the more I realised that it had many data centre tells.


Reflective window, tick. Cameras, tick (but not huge numbers). Vents, tick. External plant, tick (on the roof and a small amount in the car park. Scruffy, tick.

I began to think, against the evidence of the company signs, that this building could be a data centre. Then in the car park I found a pile of what looked to me like server rack remains (see below).


Now convinced that this was a data centre I peered into the building and found the name Sentronex, printed on a piece of paper pined to a wall. And sure enough on their site, this address was listed as their data centre.

It seems that the ground floor of this building is now a data centre, while the remaining three floors above are still used as office space. At the front of the building the colourful panels covering vents supported this theory. The fact that only one floor is a data centre also explains the (relatively) low amounts of cooling equipment.









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