Meridian Gate – TelecityGroup

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 16.45.59Part of the same development as Telecity’s nearby Sovereign House, this data centre also occupies a converted office building. Colo-x describes the building as a “relatively small facility, almost a satellite to its larger brother next door in Sovereign House”.

Completed in 1989 the Po-Mo office block is a clad in beige with blue tinted windows and a red split pediment porch. As with many of the office  conversion data centres, this one looks pretty dated. The building became a data centre around 2000.

Along with the reflective glazing, it is possible to see from the outside that all the windows have been covered internally with insulation panels, making very clear this building is not occupied.IMG_7106


The secure entrance has a discrete sign to say that this is a Telecity facility, however, the name was branded very clearly on several of the car parking spaces.



My favourite warning sign so far:










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