Cogent London

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 22.39.45
This building in the docklands at 20 Mastmaker Court (click on aerial view open in Google maps) is listed on the data centre map as Cogent London.

The building is one of a group of three blue-and-beige, pitched-roofed sheds completed in 1987. They were originally divided into a total of eight light industrial and office units. Now the data centre occupies one of the larger units.

According to the data centre map the facility opened in May 2011. The company that runs the data centre, Cogent, owns and operates 51 data centres around the world. This is the only one in the UK.

As at the nearby Regent House, this building allows a direct comparison with a non data centre that has almost the exact same building fabric. The building on the left (below) is not a data centre, while the building on the right is.


At a glance they look very similar. However, there are several visual differences all common data centre traits (or tells). The data centre has reflective windows, much more visible levels of security and a lack of any corporate signage.

I have now started to build a system of classification and this building falls squarely in the converted industrial shed, and displays all of the characteristics need for me to be 100% confident this is a data centre.

IMG_7030 (1)

There is also a lot of visible power and cooling units in front of the building and along the side.



Cameras were very visible.


Along with warning signs:



Those cooling units again:








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