Six Degrees – Charlton

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.49.18Situated on the banks of the Thames in view of the Thames barrier, this facility is located away from the main groups of data centres in the city (click on the map to open in Google maps).

Standing directly opposite a huge Sainsbury’s distribution centre, this trip reminded me that especially for the industrial estate-based data centre, physical and data distribution often occupy the same locations.


The warehouse unit, part of the Anchorage point industrial estate, was converted into a data centre in 2008 according to colo-x. This seems to be confirmed by the Greenwich planning office here.


The building itself is a brick and aluminium clad shed, that matches the others on the estate, with an increased security presence. The building is set behind a locked gate (the rest of the estate was open) and numerous security cameras surrounded the two buildings.



Behind the gate (and from the air on Google maps) a large amount of generators and coolers were visible, occupying what used to be car parking space. Obviously as this building is very lightly occupied this parking is no longer needed.









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