6 Braham Street

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 15.49.57If there was a title for London’s shiniest data centre then 6 Braham Street would surely win it. Operated by Level 3, this data centre in Whitechapel (click on map to open in Google maps) pushes the reflective data centre aesthetic to its limit.

The fully-glazed office block was built in 1983 by Treherne and Norman, Preston and Partners for Norwich Union. It was converted into a data centre around 1998.


Most data centres occupying former office block have reflective windows, but this is a whole new level of reflective, right up there with Harbour Exchange Square in the the Docklands.



The entrance to this building gives the impression that it has been abandoned. A broken intercom and retro security camera, along with dirt everywhere and weeds complete the run down look, which is a trend of urban data centres.



The reflective building allowed me to take several selfies, although in some places the windows were too dirty.




Round the back of the building a secure loading bay was full of electric contractors vans:






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