TeleHouse West

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 18.57.09Opened in 2010 TeleHouse West was the third data centre to be built on the TeleHouse campus (click on the image to open in Google maps).

The building, which was designed by architect YRM, followed TeleHouse North (1990) and TeleHouse East (1999). The aesthetics of purpose built data centres can also be tracked through these buildings.


At TeleHouse West the thin strips of windows that run along the facades the two previous buildings have been abandoned. The eight-storey high facades are entirely clad in rectangular aluminium panels.


On the stairwells various shads of grey cladding panels have been used to create a pixelated pattern – the first expression of digital that I had seen at a data centre.


The building is squeezed onto the TeleHouse campus:


Although this is a very large data centre, it stands alongside Global Switch London East, and is dwarfed by this gigantic data centre.


Being on the TeleHouse campus, security at this data centre is again very high:







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