TeleHouse North 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 18.57.09The fourth data centre is currently under construction on TeleHouse’s East India Dock campus, due to be operational this year – its the building site on the far right of the aerial image (click to open in Google maps).

This buildings looks to be furthering the aesthetic that was developed at its sister building, TeleHouse West.


Described in the planning application as an “architecturally designed industrial building,” the largely windowless box, containing the servers, is supported above the generators on a row of structural legs.

The facade has progressed from the pixilated used cladding at TeleHouse West to a representation of a circuit board. This is by far the most explicit representation of what is contained within the building I have found at a data centre.







A full set of plans and drawings is available on the Tower Hamlets planning portal here.:Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.30.09

Some interesting thoughts on data centre design from the planning application:

The data centre building type is essentially industrial, to house technical processing equipment, with support functions. The process equipment is sensitive to environmental conditions and requires dedicated plant including cooling, uninterrupted power supplies with standby generators. The building form will follow these functional requirements.

Ten years ago, data centres could be located in office or logistic buildings; however, today this is no longer an option due to advances in technology processes, equipment and energy consumption. This poses challenges to designers and planners to create approve and realise a new architectural typology of building that is attractive, innovative, technically flexible, operationally efficient and environmentally orientated in its construction and context.

The buildings of the Telehouse Campus are relatively unique in that they have been conceived, constructed and operated as bespoke buildings, dedicated for the purpose of data communications.

Telehouse Far East is a next generation facility and the intention of the client and project team together with city and regulatory agencies is to develop a project which meets this brief.



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