Lighterman’s House – Sunguard AS

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 19.55.18Built just after Grimshaw’s FT print works and TeleHouse North in the second phase of development at East India Dock, Lighterman’s House is a group of monumental Post-Modern style offices designed by Beaton Thomas Partnership and completed in 1992.

The possible data centre is located in the curved building at the corner of the development (click on the map to open in Google maps)


With close proximity to Telehouse north this seems a perfect place to convert an office to a data centre. The building is curved to follow the wall of the old docks, which stands behind the development.


With mirrored glazing, numerous security cameras and a secure loading bay this ticks most the boxes for being a data centre. The roof is not packed with cooling units so I would guess this is a small data centre, especially compared to the giants across the road.

[EDIT: I now believe that this is not a small data centre, but a disaster recovery centre, similar to Sungard AS’s other facility in Whitechapel]







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