Wyvil Court – Vauxhall

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 09.45.22The internet suggested that there was a data centre in Vauxhall on Wyvil Road (click on map to open in Google maps)

Again this is away from the major groupings of data centres, so I was prepared to be disappointed.

But, sure enough after getting distracted by the IMG_66041960s telephone exchange building below, I found a data centre hidden away on the back streets. I soon realised that the data centres location was almost certainly determined by the presence of the telephone exchange as much of the early Internet closely followed the locations of telephone wires that carried it.

A search on the planning portal showed that an application to turn the building into a Data Network Switch Room was made in 1993 – making this a very early data centre. An application to add its own high voltage substation in 2015 confirms its continued use.

The data centre occupies an unassuming brick building that again looks to have once been an office block – perhaps from the 1970s.


All of the windows have been mirrored out and there is a large loading bay (visible in the image above).


On the ground floor all of the former entrances to the units are no longer in use, and are again covered with reflective material and extremely dirty.



On one of the upper floors the exhaust pipes of cooling units were literally hanging out of the windows.


A trip round the back revealed the numerous satellite receivers that occupy the roof.




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