VelocityDC (formerly safehosts)

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 13.04.09Right outside Borough tube station is a red brick building that I have cycled pass hundreds of times. Again this urban data centre is located within an unassuming former office building.

I came straight to this data centre from Wyvil Court in Vauxhall, and just like that data centre, this building is situated next door to a telephone exchange (the lighter brick building to the right of the data centre is the Southwark Telephone Exchange).


This building looks entirely like an office from a distance, but up close the data centre tells are there. There is no signage, the windows are reflective and dirty and the building is surveyed by numerous cameras.



Round the back of the building is a fortified loading bay:


Inactive street frontage:


Cameras are filming:


Another opportunity for a selfie:





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