TelecityGroup – 2 Regent House

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 13.14.40The third data centre on the Telecity campus (click map to open in Google maps) is another red brick converted office. This buildings stands on a square and is extremely interesting as its twin building opposite is still an office, allowing for direct comparison.

In the image above, the building on the right  is a data centre while the building on the left is still an office.

The data centre has been altered on the ground floor, with the addition of reflective glazing (obligatory selfie below), and has even had a bay – that I assume was once a retail unit – blocked up.



This creates an extremely inactive street front.


On the upper floors the data centre is visible as in the office the windows are active and you can see desks and people (see below).


While in they data centre the windows contain security measures and server racks (below).


Around the back of the building an enclosed area holds the plant.


With three office buildings in the small area being converted into data centres the number of people working in this area has greatly been reduced. On an urban level this has decreased the number of people that occupy the square, which was almost deserted the entire time I was there. This also looks to have damaged the local retail units. We already saw one unit blocked in and several of the other units on the square are now closed.




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